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The Village of Janou

Hurricane Matthew roared through Haiti on Oct. 3rd, 2016.  In the immediate aftermath, JUST MERCY brought in food shipments and other aid for Ile a Vache.  Since then, we have traveled to the mountain village of Janou on the mainland that Bill visited last year, a grueling 3-4 hour hike up.  The village was hit hard by the hurricane.  It’s church building was blown away, numerous houses down or severely damaged, and no outside help.

One of the houses needing a roof in Janou

JUST MERCY has “adopted” the village of Janou.  Our local congregation in MO has made two trips with us to the village and has been raising money to rebuild and reroof homes for those who were effected. The first house has been reproofed and more are in the works.

Site of the old church building, hopefully of the new church/school

We currently are seeking to raise funds to rebuild the church which we intend to also use as a school.  Children from the village who want to go to school currently have to hike down the mountain for three hours and then hike back up again that afternoon!  Not all children of the village can afford to go so if you can, please  donate so that we can rebuild the church/school and hire the teachers needed to teach.

We Need To Build a Building for the Chapelle School!

Damage to the Chapelle school by Hurricane Matthew

Damage to the Chapelle school by Hurricane Matthew

The Chapelle school in the mountains of Pays-Pourri escaped the eye of the storm but still sustained damage.  The house the teachers lived in  (they come from Port au Prince to teach each week) was destroyed!!  We are grateful the school structure is still standing. The people of Chapelle came together immediately and repaired the roof so school is back in session! School supplies were stored in the teachers’ house so were ruined.  The teacher’s house has been rebuilt but we need to build a better building for the school.  If you can give for this and other needed projects to help the Haitians rebuild their lives, please do.

Chapelle school and cistern

Chapelle school and cistern

  • 350 children meet in this stick and tarp structure.  We have been blessed with another organization putting in a cistern for the school so they have water to cook the school lunches.  A more permanent structure is needed.
  • More Benches are needed for the Chapelle school.

If you can help with any of the above, you can donate online or send your donation to: JUST MERCY     PO Box 93   Stark City, MO   64866 Our e-mail address is  We are a part of We-Go Mission Coalition and as such, your gifts are tax deductible. Thank you!!

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