Bill broke his back in July, 2022, so was unable to return to Haiti until Jan. 18th, 2023 when he went back along with B.J., Kirk, Michael, and our grandson, Anodos. Two trips were made to the mountain village of Janou during the nearly three weeks the team was in Haiti. The first trip was spent getting most of the roof on before running out of tin. The second trip, they finished getting the roof on the church, some siding applied, and the water catchment system in place, major milestones finally completed!!! Praise the Lord! The team was there for the first sweet church service to be held in the building!! The team came home Feb. 4 but Bill turned around and went back on Feb. 15. After a two year search, our "scout" had finally found a vehicle that would work for us, a 2010 Toyota troop carrier in good shape. Praise the Lord!

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