School Goes On!

JUST MERCY has supported a school in the mountains of Pays Pourri for the last several years, an area with a very high illiteracy rate. Through the school, 350 children have the opportunity to learn to read, write, and study other subjects, including regular Bible teaching.  

A dear friend of JUST MERCY has, for several years, sent a large portion of the monthly support for that school.  In October of 2019, she sent extra funds to buy school supplies and BIBLES for the children!! It was so exciting to know that the children would have their own Bibles!

School Director Jackson with some teachers and students with some of the school supplies and Bibles!!

Though many schools in Haiti had closed last fall during all the turmoil, the mountain school was still open but they no longer had food to feed the children their lunch. With the unrest in Haiti, it had been impossible to access the food that had been donated by Mission of Hope to feed the children their usual daily meal.

At that time, the director of the school sent me some pictures and messages about their current situation. One of the pictures was of the children jumping rope and he said, “The kids are playing even if they are hungry. We don’t have food for them. But the teachers are here. We are still working!”

A few weeks later in December, this same generous friend sent a designated donation providing funds for the school to have a “Christmas party” with food (which is very expensive now) and candy for the 350 children.   What a special treat it was for the children!   

I am happy to report that around the middle of January, things had settled down in Haiti enough that the school was able to start getting food for the children’s lunches again!! Praise the Lord!!!

Bill returned to Haiti on the 23rd and I will have an update about that soon. We are so grateful for all of our friends who send funds to support JUST MERCY’s work in Haiti.  May God bless you all!!

Dressed up for the Christmas Party!!