The Geography Where Just Mercy is working

(Tip: Be sure to click the button to “Show satellite imagery” and Zoom in!)


(the locals call it Kaykok [ kahy-kok ])

Cacor is a village on the island of Île à Vache, This is where Just Mercy’s main Mission Base is.


Janou is a mountain village where Just Mercy is engaging. A church/school building and water cistern in 2021/2023 was built and homes repaired after a hurricane. The pins show the route that is taken on foot through the river bed and then up the mountain to get to Janou.

Tips: Hover your mouse over the marker pins to see the labels. Click on the “Map” button and check the box terrain to see the dramatic mountain terrain.

Fond Parisian

The small mission base in Fond Parisian for facilitating work in the mountains.


The mountain village of Chapelle, Just Mercy funds a school here.


Calalo, a remote mountain village where Just Mercy was the first outsider to ever visit in Nov. 2013.
This is where an Operation Christmas Child gift distribution was done in Sept. 2014.