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Disaster in Les Cayes, Then Joy in Baiu de Mesle!

Janet MontgomeryApr 22, 20226 min read

We were excited to have Agape Flights fly a 9 member team into Les Cayes on Sunday, March 27th, intending to stay with JUST MERCY for several days.  The plan was to get the roof on the church at Baiu de Mesle (Bedzimel) hopefully in three days and then make…

Who is Just Mercy ?

We’re some people who love Jesus, trying to love our brothers in his name. We went to Haiti to help with relief after the earthquake in 2010. We went back to help in any way we could. We are still in Haiti working to meet needs and extend the love of God with the hope of turning hearts to the Father all because “It is JUST  that He sends.  It is for MERCY  we go.”
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What is Just Mercy doing?

  • Spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ
  • Supporting Education in the mountains
  • Working in the mountain village of Janou and seaside village of Baiu de Mesle (Bedzimel)  to build church/schools.
  • Building and installing fish habitats to prevent the continuing decimation of the fish populations.
  • Providing jobs and producing materials with the portable sawmill for furniture, home repair, and Haitian boat repair!

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The “Reef Project”

  • JUST MERCY has begun to build marine habitats to give fish and marine life shelter from the huge nets the fishermen use to seine everything out of the sea, depleting their future food supply.
  • Three habitats have been put in the sea.  Dozens more are planned.  You can help sponsor a habitat!

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