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May They Not Lose Hope

May They Not Lose Hope

Janet MontgomeryNov 26, 20222 min read

The situation in Haiti continues to be dire though things have eased just a bit.  The gangs withdrew from the fuel depot in Port au Prince several days ago.  We heard there was no fuel left there as they had taken it all.  Whether true or not, there has been…

Who is Just Mercy ?

We’re some people who love Jesus, trying to love our brothers in his name. We went to Haiti to help with relief after the earthquake in 2010. We went back to help in any way we could. We are still in Haiti working to meet needs and extend the love of God with the hope of turning hearts to the Father all because “It is JUST  that He sends.  It is for MERCY  we go.”
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What is Just Mercy doing?

  • Spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ
  • Supporting Education in the mountains
  • Working in the mountain village of Janou and seaside village of Baiu de Mesle (Bedzimel)  to build church/schools.
  • Building and installing fish habitats to prevent the continuing decimation of the fish populations.
  • Providing jobs and producing materials with the portable sawmill for furniture, home repair, and Haitian boat repair!   

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Vital Transportation

  • JUST MERCY has driven a 1995 Toyota Pickup, hauling people, supplies, medicines, plants, etc., whatever was needed to get the job done.  That pick-up had been repaired numerous times and is now dangerous!   It is vitally important that we raise the funds to replace it and vehicles in Haiti are expensive! For details on this and other needs, please click below.

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