12316127_946062765469006_6144156136797597440_nThe woodworking journey of JUST MERCY began with the arrival of a sawmill in Haiti in January of 2014.  (See slide show at bottom of page.)   From making Adirondack chairs to building a traditional wooden fishing boat this year, it’s been a learning experience.  There were so many scrap pieces left after building the boat, we were looking for something to do with them.  We had also been trying to find something small that could be made in the shop that would help the men support their families.  Spoons fit the bill! 

We are sorry to say at this time we are out of stock of the spoons due to the unrest in Haiti but hope to offer them again in the future.

Version 3


Three men in the wood shop on the island of Ile a Vache are now making beautiful handmade wooden spoons to support their families.  This is Monsieur Yvon sitting on the shave horse and using a spoke shave to shape a spoon.  He and his wife Sonita have six sons.  Monsieur Yvon is a carpenter who worked when he could but jobs were scarce.  He is excited about this opportunity to make the spoons.



thumb_IMG_5035_1024 2This is Samuel, a young man whose father died two years ago, leaving him with his mother and four younger sisters to support and no way to do it. Samuel came around the shop, started helping, and never asked for any money,  a fairly unusual occurrence in Haiti. We put him to work and by making spoons, he now has a way to help his family!!  He is shown here using a gouge to shape the bowls of the spoons.




Soner is shown shaping a spoon with a machete.  (Haitians use them for everything including opening cans!)  Soner fished for lobster to support his family but got sick a couple of years ago and could no longer make the deep dives to do it.  He started coming around the base, watching for what needed done and doing it without being asked or told. He has been helping us ever since, making spoons to take care of his wife and two daughters.

Please help these men provide for their families and support  JUST MERCY‘s efforts in Haiti by making a tax deductible donation of $20 or more and receive one of these beautiful handmade wooden spoons.  Many friends have asked for more than one after seeing and holding them in person!  The finely sanded and oiled wood is so smooth to the touch!  Thank you for your help, prayers, and support.

The Woodworking Journey! – A slideshow