Loaves and Fishes

Bill returned to Haiti on December 30th.  Unfortunately, his luggage did not make it to Haiti the same time as he did.  His connecting flight on Sunrise Airways to Les Cayes was full for the next eleven days, so it was urgent that he take the flight he was booked.  One of his suitcases had the uniforms that Dress a Girl of Southwest Missouri had made for the children in the new school of the mountain village of Janou.

The uniforms!!

Bill made arrangements with someone in Port au Prince to pick up the suitcases from American Airlines the next day and take them to Sunrise Airways to be brought to Les Cayes as cargo but there were some problems with that solution.  For the next several days, we were praying it would all work out and finally about a week later, the suitcases arrived. Now plans are being made for a trip to Janou with the uniforms to be delivered to the children. We are so grateful to the ladies of Dress-a-Girl for all their hard work in making the uniforms!  https://www.dressagirlaroundtheworld.com 
The food situation in Haiti remains dire with food very expensive.  Gas on the street last week was $16/gallon though the quality is always questionable.  In Les Cayes, the sea port on the mainland where Just Mercy purchases supplies and food, manifestations (protests of living conditions) are now occurring almost daily.  A friend sent to Les Cayes to buy food was robbed, though thankfully not hurt. The next day, Bill sent a group of people to buy food and they made it back to the island safely. 

It took $300 to buy 2 sacks of rice, 1 sack of ground corn, 1 sack of sugar, 1 sack of beans, and 2.5  gallons of oil, staples of the Haitian diet.

In the next couple of days, helpers repackaged the food into smaller bundles to be taken to the people we are helping to feed, many of them the old folks who have no one to help them.  Unlike America, there are no government assistance or care facilities to help those unable to help themselves. 

The girls repackaging the food for individual families

Work continues on the kitchen/latrine for the project at Raket which results in Just Mercy being able to give the younger men a job which is the best thing we can do for them.  Imagine if you had no job, no food stamps, no welfare, nothing to help you buy food for your family!  This work lets them provide for their. families. 

Men working on the kitchen/shower rooms

Bill wrote the following:  
We went up the mountain in the morning to take food to Èr. Such a pleasant old fellow with no one to care for him. Stopped and visited for a bit with him. Talked to him about life, The Way, The Truth, and The Life!  Perhaps he knows more about it than I. He knows well that a man’s life does not consist of the abundance of his possessions, for he has none, or almost none, yet has a smile and a countenance of contentment. 
Then we went on up to the top where Alice lives. She’s always so glad to see me coming whether I have something in my hand or not. Nice older lady. I shared with her words of the Savior, words of hope and mercy and put in her hands some of the food I hoped would tide her over till next week. 
We are feeding those with the most need on a weekly basis now instead of the larger meals for many as we used to do which now are difficult and dangerous due to the desperation. We are grateful to be able to bring them food and a blessing in Jesus name from all of you who give to help. Thank you!

A manifestation in Les Cayes

Something burning during a manifestation

Just Mercy operates solely on donations from generous folks like yourself.  God takes those gifts and multiplies them in order to serve the multitude.  As cost of living continues to rise in all of our worlds, we don’t take your gift for granted and want you to know the people in Haiti are shown the love of Jesus and His gracious gifts of provision are from people who have been blessed and choose to bless others. Thank you in advance for all you do to keep the work of Just Mercy continuing in these villages of Haiti.