Just Mercy has launched a new program to lead short term mission trips into Haiti to work with Just Mercy. This new program is called  Adventure Mission, because we ARE on a mission, and it IS an adventure! We have begun the Adventure Mission program for three major reasons.  (You can check out the website at

  • To provide an opportunity for YOU to come and be a part of the life-changing work God is doing, not only in Haiti but in our lives as well, through Just Mercy
  • To bring more hearts and hands to work alongside us in Haiti
  • To Generate Funds for the support of Just Mercy’s work in Haiti

Mountain mission group with Victory folks and the Lindsey group

YOU:  Perhaps our greatest aspiration and hope in the Adventure Mission program is You.

From the beginning we have invited friends and family to come on short trips and join us with our work in Haiti.  The feedback we have received has been amazing.

Our hope is that Adventure Mission will provide an opportunity for others to experience the life-changing reality of journeying to such a place and working among such a people.  In going home, we pray that all those who come will carry with them a fresh outlook on how they may live in the presence of our Lord and serve with Him as He works in their lives, their churches, and their communities back home.  We know He is at work everywhere and no people in any place, however poor or rich, are beyond their need of Him.  As we submit and embrace the world as He made it, life as He designed it, and Childship as He offers it, we Come Alive.  Our prayer is that those who come to work with us will carry the vibrance of that life and love back home with them and share it in their families, their churches, their schools, their businesses, and their communities.  Like the ripple from a stone thrown into the water, we pray this work in Haiti will not return to home void.

Working in Haiti has changed us, and only for the better. We hope that you will come, and be changed.

"I was sick.....Bringing in Workers: There is so much to be done, both in what we are doing now, and what we hope and pray to be able to do in the future. We need more hands and hearts to work beside us; to share the burden and the blessing of serving among the Haitian people.

Generating Funds:  The financial needs of the mission are not fantastic, but they are very real, and there are currently insufficient funds for the mission to continue without additional support. All funds generated by the Adventure Mission program, after paying for the expenses of the trips themselves, will be used to support the mission work of Just Mercy. Additionally, it allows people to come and see first hand where their money is going, and what it is being used for.

Please, consider taking a mission trip to Haiti with Just Mercy!

Visit to learn more.

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