Hope for Janou


The time sure flies.  The garden on Ile a Vache is growing!  Besides vegetables we have planted 40 lime trees, 10 grapefruit trees, 20 sweet orange trees, 10 “cherry” trees (different than ours), AND 288 banana trees!! The food is so desperately needed.


Medical issues are a daily occurrence.  This little guy broke both his bones in his arm. No money for a doctor or transportation to the mainland. So Just Mercy provided them with the means to get to the mainland and get medical care.

Work at the shop continues….

…and I finally got a mission organized for Janou.   It was pretty windy and the sea was up as we set sail for the mainland.

A couple of hours later we arrived at Baie du Mesle and loaded the truck for the one and a half hour drive or so to the end of the road and the trail head. The four hour hike was a little rough this time having gotten a late start and the sun was quite hot.

But we made it once again.

I was glad to see things growing again.  Hurricane Matthew had stripped off every leaf and branch about a year ago.  (Just Mercy had supplied seeds and tools to replant the gardens in Janou.)

Another roof had been completed and this is one very happy lady. Good job, MCC!  (Monett Community Church has provided funds to repair homes and restore roofs to houses damaged by Hurricane Matthew last year.)

That’s three new roofs that have been completed and two repaired.  We will be sending up supplies shortly for two more to be built and one more to be repaired.

You almost have to be here to comprehend the deprivation of these people.

I spent the night and woke the next morning with the “Bane of Pam” hanging over my head!  Watching closely for what might befall, I thankfully escaped her fate!   (Pam W. was part of the team from MCC who came last February to Janou.  When she woke up in the morning,  a chicken flew down from the rafters and landed on her head!!  The lady of the house quickly shooed the chicken away but the story has been fun to tell.)

It was a pleasure to be with the people here again.

I stopped to cool off on the hike back down….

….and hope to return soon. They need a church and school. This will be a challenge.

Bondye konnen!  (God knows.)

For King and Kingdom!

(We are so grateful to all those who make missions like this possible, particularly to Monett Community Church for adopting Janou!  A building for a church and school is desperately needed and plans are being made for its construction. Presently, the few children in the village who can afford to go to school have a three hour hike down and then back up the mountain each day.  But many cannot go.)