Uniforms and a Nation Collapsing!

When Bill returned to Haiti at the end of December, the demonstrations  and protests were continuing all over the country.  Being able to travel in the country to the trailhead safely had been a concern but finally, the trip to Janou happened!!  Bill and friends were able to arrive at the trailhead with the suitcase full of uniforms and make the arduous hike.  He wrote the following in February after their 3 day trip in the mountain village.

“Five weeks have passed since I returned to Haiti.  The delayed luggage with uniforms for children in the new school in Janou finally arrived.  We were unable to go to the city to buy supplies because of unrest and manifestations so we found work for some folks around the base.

We also spent time taking food to old people who are in need of goods and food which is terribly expensive because of all the disruption, extortion and lawlessness. Governments can be a pain but where would we be without any law and order?

Things finally calmed down a bit so we decided we would make the trip to the mainland and up into the mountains to the village of Janou.  Friends came down to transport the food and uniforms for the kids in the school up the mountain. They are always so glad when we come and share with them. So many hugs and greetings!

Children waiting to get their school uniforms

We bought a couple of goats to kill and eat, cooked 50 lbs. of rice, and had a big meal with the church and neighbors. The people were so happy! Then we worked at fitting the children with the uniforms from Dress-a-Girl. What a fun time it was!

The villagers have lost their bean crop two seasons in a row due to drought.  People are hungry and there is little food. They asked if we could help them with beans seeds to plant which we are doing.  It took $1000 just to buy the seed!  Prices are so high!!!  

A coffee plant growing from plants JUST MERCY provided last year!

Two nights on the concrete floor with a little padding was rough but we made it down without mishap and were so glad we had been able to pass on the gifts and love that you, our prayer partners and donors, send them in the name of Jesus! “

Bill with the children in their uniforms

We are so grateful to the SW Missouri chapter of Dress-a-Girl for making the uniforms!!  School uniforms in Haiti are an important thing in the culture but are cost prohibitive for most people so THANK YOU, Ladies!!  

Bill returned home three weeks ago. For those of you who haven’t heard, the last three weeks in Haiti have seen worsening violence.  All commercial flights into Haiti have been cancelled for several days. Thousands of people in Port au Prince fled their homes.  News stories reported fears that Haiti was on the verge of complete collapse!

On March 11, there was a meeting of the U.S. and leaders of other Caribbean nations.  It was announced that the prime minister of Haiti is finally stepping down!!  Almost EVERYONE in Haiti, gangs and the people, wanted this resignation to happen.  

The meeting also came up with a “plan” for Haiti to move forward to help them hold elections and calm things down. Hopefully the U.N. force promised over a year ago will arrive and help restore some order to the country.  

If flights are restored, Bill hopes to return to Haiti again.  In the meantime, we are grateful we have been able to send funds to our friends there to continue to help feed people.  We had been afraid that would become impossible if manifestations and uprisings continued. 

Please keep the people of Haiti in your prayers as a “recovery” will hopefully be implemented in some form.  We are so grateful to God for the prayers and support you give to JUST MERCY that are literally saving some folk’s lives!  May God bless you all!

Villagers filling their water jugs at the cistern instead of having to walk 3 miles to get it!!

Having morning coffee in Janou. Beautiful!

We ran out of the smaller t-shirts! 🙂


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