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#1 – A Teacher Home/Depot for Janou!

JUST MERCY is closing in on the completion of a church/school building with a cistern in the mountain village of Janou  Children currently walk a six hour round trip to attend school at the closest village.  The people have to walk a three hour round trip to haul water for daily needs.  It is exciting to see this project coming together.

However, the school cannot function without a teacher and to find a teacher willing to stay in this primitive mountain village, a small home and depot for supplies will need to be built.  With the increase in prices for everything these days, we estimate the home /depot will cost at least $15,000 – $20,000.  

Would you please consider giving so that these children can receive an education and knowledge about the Father’s love for them?

The church/school in Janou in January, 2023

#2 – Marine Habitats!!!

One of the most important things JUST MERCY has done the last few years is build marine habitats. The ocean fish that sustain people in so many coastal villages is disappearing as commercial fishermen come into the area and cast their mile long nets, pulling in everything that comes into the nets. The future fish supply is being seriously depleted.

Each reef costs over $3000 for labor and material.  Besides the funds, scuba teams are needed to come from the US to help assemble these habitats in the sea.  

These habitats will last for generations!  This is the one truly sustainable project we have done to help ensure a future food supply for the Haitian fishing villages. Our target is to construct 5 – 10 of these marine habitats each year.  Please give and come to help us continue this project.

A marine habitat after two years in the ocean!

#3 – Finishing the church in Baiu de Mesle

JUST MERCY has been helping the poor fishing village of Baiu de Mesle over the last two years to build a church building.  A foundation and walls were completed last winter and in March the roof was completed, allowing the congregation to have church for the first time under the new roof on Palm Sunday! 

The building is still in need of additional concrete work, windows, doors, benches and other basics in order to make it functional. Approximately $15,000 is needed to finish this church which will be a huge blessing to the people of Baiu de Mesle. 

Haitian workers under the roof!!

#4 – A “Service/Resting Place” at Baiu de Mesle

During the past year, JUST MERCY has funded the building of a meeting house for the church in Baiu de Mesle, a poor seaside village on the coast of Haiti.  JUST MERCY has become a part of this local congregation and would like to spend more time there in a pastoral role. 

A building is needed to house us, mission groups, and supplies.  Currently, supplies are bought on the mainland of Haiti, boated to Ile a Vache, and then  boated back across to the mainland when needed to help the villages of Baiu de Mesle and others, especially the mountain village of Janou. 

Just Mercy has a site next to the sea that is leveled and waiting for the construction of a building which is in the planning stages. Would you consider giving and being a part of blessing so many?

Leveled land at Baiu de Mesle needing a housing/depot built

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