A Very Difficult Road

Greetings friends at home.

There has been a lot of unrest in Haiti for a while. Everything is expensive as the US dollar continues to rise against the Haitian gourde. People who a short time ago barely survived on the little they could find are faced with even greater difficulty to live. We help with what we have and continue to try to find a little work for some.

(Bill usually spends Sunday afternoons taking food to some of the poor people. He stopped and visited Alice, the lady we posted about earlier this year on FB  who can’t walk, and her family.)

They were happy I came to visit and bring them food. I can’t imagine living with such hardships. We visited for a while. They shell almonds to make a little money and I told her that we would take a gallon. Before I left I asked if I might pray for her.

“Lord God of heaven and all that’s good, and true, and beautiful. Come and heal our hearts from all that separates us from you. Give us wisdom to know what we should do with the time you give us and courage to follow in your steps. We are eternally grateful for the cross and so very sorry it was necessary. Take us and make us what we were meant to be and forgive us for what we have made of ourselves. Protect these people from the power of the darkness and fill their lives with your light that you might honored in this home. Thank you that you are our Father. Take us home, Jesus Savior Shepherd King, our only hope. ”

We have been working in the wood shop this trip teaching some young men that need to pay for school and some men who need to feed their families.

As we work together, we talk of the things that make life good, Truth, Justice, Honor, Mercy, Respect, Love for our neighbors, hoping to inspire some to fall in love with God as we consider who He is.  Sometimes I wish I could just shake them awake! But then…. only One can do that. And then again I must ask myself how awake I am to the the wonder and majesty of our Father in heaven.

Lord wake us up to see you clearly. Protect us from falling asleep in the light. Fill us that we might shine as a light in the dark for you. Help us be aware of your great mercy and love as we live this journey. Forgive us for all we allow to separate us from you and may ever trust, turn again, and run into your outstretched loving arms.

Often the road we travel is fraught with difficulties and we so often would wish to abandon the journey but…….

There is someone waiting on the way,

Someone hoping for a helping hand,

There are reasons we are sent
And we dare not abandon the task set before us.

Fear not to set out upon a journey for the King and press on though the way is hard for if not we, then who?

“You are the light of the world!”
The Carpenter of Nazareth

For King and Kingdom,   Bill