Back in Troubled Haiti

Greetings in the name of the one who is absolutely Just and infinitely Merciful, the Savior, Shepherd, King, who somehow loves even me.   As I’m sitting now at the base camp on Ile a Vache after a scorching afternoon (I think I burned my face in the shade!) with the wind blowing across the sea and cooling me down a bit, I thank God for so much I have a tendency to take for granted. 

It was not a very auspicious beginning of the journey. The country of Haiti was all but out of gas when I arrived on Sept. 1st. I made it to the hotel but manifestations and no way to get gas kept me there for three days, from Sunday to Wednesday morning when I was able to catch a ride southwest with a friend (Damien) with a diesel car. 10 hours of burning tires, angry mobs, and trucks blocking the road (it should have taken 3 – 4 hours) I arrived at the sea where Pierre was waiting with our small wooden sailboat. 

Other people were needing a ride to the island, for the usual taxi boats had no gas. So we set sail with eight souls aboard. I made a makeshift trapeze out of a cord attached to the top of the mast and leaned out over the gunnel so Pierre, our fishermen friend who takes care of the Haitian boat for us and came to get us, could point harder into the wind toward home. 

Eight souls on board…..eight souls of God’s design that He loves, even as He loves me. I began to ask them questions, learning their names, where they lived, and what were doing. I joked a little about them paying fare for the ride, wanting to make them more comfortable as I asked them questions. 

Eight souls. Questions like…. “I sure am thankful for the nice breeze and the wind filling the sails but who should I be thankful to? Where does the wind come from? And there, the mountains rising up in the distance, the rolling sea on which we sail, the sky and clouds. They all have a maker. As do we. We have a Creator. Do you know Him? He loves you, you know. We know this best because His Son Jesus came and told us of our Father in heaven and showed us His great love and grace. Showed us as He stepped down out of heaven to be born in a lowly stable. Showed us by the life He lived and the death He died. And on the third day……etc., etc.

“Do you have a Bible?” “Read about Him. His name is Jesus.” Jezi they say. 
At least that’s what I was trying to say in my broken Creole.

Eight souls…..and I was one. Do I see, can I hear, and feel the wonder of the goodness and beauty of the Father God of creation? Do I have a thankful heart or do I pass by on my own way? May I be more able to pass on to those along the way the good news of the amazing love of God, that we might be forgiven and reconciled to Him through the power of the cross of Christ. 

(JUST MERCY is helping send children to school, feeding folks who are desperate, serving those who come to our door for help, and seeking to share God’s love in very difficult situations. We covet your prayers. Thank you.)

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