Saving Folks from Famine

Haiti is suffering like the rest of the world from the effects of Covid-19. But making matters worse for Haiti was the previous year of violence and unrest that had already made it difficult to find work or food. Now the situation is devastating!

in spite of the fact that we cannot personally be in Haiti due to the shutdown, JUST MERCY has been blessed with our regular donors who have continued to send their donations. Those funds are feeding more and more people!!

We regularly send funds to trusted friends in Kaykok, our home base, to buy food to distribute to the old folks and needy who we help to feed. But in addition to those folks, this last month we were able to send funds to several other places!

Food was bought in bulk for the mountain village of Janou where JUST MERCY replaced roofs after the 2016 hurricane. The villagers came down to meet our friends who had purchased the food and take it back up the mountain. They were so glad to receive it!!

Food purchased for Janou

The teachers of the Chapelle mountain school that we support received help along with 70 families who received food packages!  In the mountains of Haiti, there has been a drought and many gardens failed so this food was a great blessing.

Measuring out bulk rice to make individual care packages
Food packages ready to be given to 70 families in Chapelle!

Friends also distributed food back in Fonds Parisien where we first started working in Haiti in 2010. The need is great everywhere!

Food packaged up for distribution in Fonds. The plastic bottles hold oil.

Another friend took food to a coastal village we interact with. He said the children were all very thin! Famine is a very real threat and we have heard of children dying of starvation in Haiti this year.

Thank you to those of you who are giving so that others might live!! We are grateful to be a conduit for God’s love, feeding in His name those who struggle to survive. Please continue to pray for Haiti.

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