May They Not Lose Hope

The situation in Haiti continues to be dire though things have eased just a bit.  The gangs withdrew from the fuel depot in Port au Prince several days ago.  We heard there was no fuel left there as they had taken it all.  Whether true or not, there has been some fuel available on the street, but not gas stations.  Not sure of the quality of this fuel, but it is coming in at a cost of under $10 per gallon now. 
Just Mercy continues to send funds to help stave off starvation in the villages where we work.  The people of the island say they have eaten all the breadfruit.  Mangoes are still 2 months away from ripening.   For many, what grows naturally is all they have to eat.  We have heard nearly everyone will be planting a garden this year.  We are planning to send boxes of seeds or attempt to take them in ourselves. Locals have few resources to obtain such items.  Bill hopes things settle down enough to return to Haiti in January, bringing not only physical aid but a message of hope in Jesus as we “fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen, since what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen Is eternal”, come what may.  (2 Cor. 4:18)
We are currently making calls and trying to find a way to get used sails or bolts of sailcloth into Haiti.  The  sails on the boats of the fishermen on Ile a Vache are worn out. Therefore, the fishermen cannot go out to sea to fish during these desperate times when food is so scarce and people are hungry.  During the last two years, the people who normally came from time to time with used sails for the island fishermen have been unable to come due to Covid and the unrest in Haiti. Agape Flights has resumed flights into Les Cayes so if we can arrange to get some sails or cloth to send, then the fishermen can make their own sails.  We hope to get this accomplished soon as the need is great.
Please continue to pray for all those being affected by this perfect storm of unrest in Haiti. May God bless His people in Haiti that they may not lose hope.  Thank you.

A Haitian sailboat in better days


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