Bill returned to Haiti in April, 2021 to get several projects started. Someone had given JUST MERCY a major donation to build the church/school in the mountain village of Janou, a daunting task to say the least as materials have to be hauled up the mountain or made up there. He made a trip up to bring food and organize things to get the project started. Back on Ile a Vache, men were hired to build a sea wall in front of the base. In the seaside village of Baiu de Mesle (pronounced Bedzimel), progress is being made on their church building that we’ve been helping with. In June, a team arrived for a week’s visit. They spent some time in Bedzimel encouraging the church there. They traveled up to Janou to check on progress on that building. A cistern is being built next to the church/school to collect water from the roof when it is finished! The team also did a gift distribution for the Janou village children, some of whom had never had a gift before. It was a memorable first trip for three of the team members. Shaun dove down to see how the first marine habitat was doing! Bill left Haiti when the team did.

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  • April - June, 2021

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