It was a busy few months. A family in Fonds Parisian was suffering from a terrible infestation of bed bugs. Bill acquired the things needed and they emptied the house, sprayed to kill the bugs, and had the block walls smoothed up to get rid of the hiding places for the bugs. The old mattresses were burned and replaced. A team came to Haiti for 10 days to help. They helped in the wood shop, interacted with the people of the village, and learned to sail with Haitian sailors. They visited the sailors in their homes and at the end of the week, they held a race with each boat having Haitian and American crew members!! They sailed to a small island and shared with the people there, popped popcorn for them, and showed the Jesus Film The men in the wood shop are really improving at making the spoons. We are giving to people for a donation of $30. Check out the website where you can order. A chicken house was built at Mssr. Yvon\'s house up the hill from Kapok. We plan to build another one to help provide food for people.

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