Before the guys left, they all made a trip up to Janou, the village MCC had \"adopted\" and provided funds to replace roofs lost in Hurricane Matthew in 2016. The people were grateful for the many new roofs in the village! The guys also surveyed the destroyed church and worked on some plans to rebuild it, using it for a school and building a cistern on the side of it to provide the village with water. We also worked to provide a family on Ile a Vache with an improved floor. Their hut just had rocks on the floor. We had it cleaned out and poured a smooth floor, greatly improving their living conditions. We also met Alice, a crippled woman who has to pull herself around as she is unable to walk. She helps to support herself by shelling almonds and selling them. She is now one of the ones we regularly try to help support with food and love.

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  • February - March, 2018

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