January found Skip Lindsey once again bringing a team to Haiti to help JUST MERCY on Ile a Vache. Dr. Konsavage also came with them again so along with building the new wood shop, many people with medical problems were treated. We also had a small Operation Christmas Child box distribution for the children of a village on the island that was devastated by the Hurricane. In Feb., a team from Monett Community Church in Monett, Mo, came to Ile a Vache. Shaun and Pam worked to stitch up a bad cut on a boys\' leg. There was also a badly burned little boy whose face we treated. We traveled to the mountain village of Janou that had been nearly wiped out by Hurricane Matthew. The team returned to the states to speak to the church and they have \"adopted\" the village of Janou and are raising funds to replace roofs and repair houses there! Praise the Lord!

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  • Jan. - March, 2017

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