Bill finally returned to Haiti in January of 2021. The old truck had to be worked on. He had brought a suitcase of girls clothes and they had a lot of fun going through them. He spent quite a bit of time visiting with people. One visit came from the mother and twins whose lives he had helped to save when they were born four years ago! Bill received news that the US government had decided to require a Covid test to return to the US starting Jan. 26 so he had to cut his trip short and leave by Jan. 25 as at the time, Covid tests were nearly impossible to get in Haiti. A team had been scheduled to come to put in another reef but that had to be canceled, also. We had sent funds during 2020 to help feed people and just before he left, folks showed up bringing gifts of nuts and fruit, thanking him for the help JUST MERCY had given them during the year.

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