Bill and Jim returned to Haiti soon to be joined by B.J. and Barney. It took three days to get the old truck running. They also had to work on the sawmill to get it going. Once up and running, they cut the boards for the side walls of the church up in Janou. The team made the arduous trip up to Janou to work on the church/school. They got the framing up for the side walls and started on the rafters that had been cut by HAND on the mountain. Unfortunately, most of them had been cut too short, so the work had to stop till next time. Agape Flights generously donated a new boat and motor to speed up the ocean crossing that must be made every time we go to the mainland. What an amazing gift! We are so grateful.! Agape Floats is now giving JUST MERCY a big boost in what we do!!

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