Bill returned to Haiti in March with our grandson, Anodos, and our friend, Jim, along with James, and Raphael who planned to stay a week. They spent time working on the sawmill motor and then headed to the mountain village of Janou to check on construction there. On March 27th, a team from Agape Flights arrived. They spent a day on IAV, then sailed over to Baiu de Mesle where they started construction of the church roof. The next day, they found out their plane had been burned at the Les Cayes airport during a riot! They had to cut their visit short and find a way to get out of the country. Bill remained with Anodos and Jim and a team of Haitians who still managed to get the roof on the church!! Amazing! They made another trip to Janou. A thousand coffee plants and hundreds of small trees were bought and taken up the mountain to Janou! When it came time to leave in April, they had to ride motorcycle taxis 60 miles north to Jeremie as the airport in Les Cayes was still closed since the riot.

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  • March - April, 2022

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