In November, JUST MERCY\'s good friend, James, and his friend David flew into Haiti to be with us several weeks and make some videos. Rita also came for a week to visit the school in Chapelle that she has such a large part of supporting. We traveled to Chapelle in the mountains and found that one room had been rebuilt in the teacher\'s house destroyed by the Hurricane Matthew. The school damage had been repaired quickly and the school was in session. We were excited to finally get to see the secondary class, the only one we know of in the mountains, where students when they graduate from grammar school can remain in the mountains to take their high school classes!! We then traveled to Ila a Vache. We continued making small food distributions to the needy. We also returned to the tiny island of Pelatin where we had taken food after the hurricane. There were the regular everyday things to be done but also, the clash of light with darkness was continual. I encourage you to read the update about this time in Haiti.

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