Bill flew back to Haiti in Sept. 2019 but was trapped in his hotel room for three days due to the unrest. He was finally able to get a ride across country, a normal 3-4 hour journey, but this time it took nearly 10 hours, dodging burning tires and boulders and mobs of people on the road. When he arrived at Ile a Vache, he found that the village well had gone dry and people were having to walk a long way to haul water home. So some of the men had gone a little way outside the village and dug another well. They had found water, but it was just a hole in the ground. Bill arranged to have the materials brought to make concrete blocks to line the well and for it to then be finished. He also was part of saving the life of a young mother of twins who had delivered one but was unable to deliver another. Though no gas could be bought, he had some left from his last trip and was able to give it to someone with a fast boat who was able to take the laboring mother to the mainland and get her to a hospital in time to save the her and the baby\'s life!! After three weeks, things were so bad in Haiti, Bill caught the last ride back across country and flew home, leaving behind a nation that appeared to be spiraling out of control.

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